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The Will Power.................

Lately I have been finding myself being able to will things. I don't mean anything major but just little things.


I work at a small store that is in a major part of the city so it gets some major buisness (cigs, lotto, soda, etc.).
I find myself being able to put up wards that are very effective so I don't spaz out and kill the old mumbling lady who buys 300 scratch tickets at a time or the growing numbers who just don't speak english.
I find myself visioning the color purple(why purple i don't know) and I let it form a bubble around me. When I put up this block/ward I never have a problem with an annoying customer, however when I forget to put up these wards it's an on slaught of stupid/annoying/rude people.

Lately I have also been able to will people to give me smaller bills (we have an ATM machine that only gives 20's so we get about 3 grand(if not more) in 2o's a shift).

When ever I get low on change I find myself focusing on people wallets and it's like i can "feel" what they have, and I will them to pay in the smallest bills and preferable exact change, 9 chances out of 10 this works.

Now the weird thing is I just do this by instinct at work. Any other time i try to do something like that it's a hit or miss.

Any thoughts and/or opinions?

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