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the memory remains

I went to the cemetary at lunch today. Same one I shot my very first shots with the SLR. However, I found a different sector of the cemetary. There are a lot more ornate and older stones here for the most part. This cemetary has a rather restful, powerful, and peaceful feeling. I went to a newer cemetary this weekend and it had a very restless feeling to it.

I got there and shot my pictures, but this one struck me the most when I looked at it. A man came by as I was heading towards my car. He went to a stone in the ground (there was no monument like the others) and touched it, then stood for a while, touched it again and left. I had heard that framing someone in the far background makes a very different impression than in the foreground... let's see if I'm right.

Alone With Memories
Alone With Memories

Father and Mother
Father and Mother

A Freemason Headstone
Freemason Headstone

Leo Lowenstein- 1918
Leo Lowenstein- 1918
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