poseidons_tearz (poseidons_tearz) wrote in occult_dreams,

The Mojo Cauldron

In my never ending quest in various magickal arts I have borrowed from many different traditions, spiritualities, etc.
One of things I have been doing for about the last year or is so is something I call the "Mojo Cauldron". This is just a basic small cast iron cauldron that I have which I fill with the ashes of incenses I burned during rituals, various ingridents that are left over from spells, offerings of foods, etc.
I fill the cauldron over a months period (maybe two months but never longer than two months) before I take the contents in the cauldron and burn them and meditate on why these items were used and how I used them for my magick and spirtual growth. The fire/smoke also make a great scrying tool.

I was just curious if anyone else had a similiar ritual to this since most of my Heathen friends seem to treat this like a new thing when I talk to them about it.

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