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The Sacred Geometry Oracle

This is related to tarot, even though it's an oracle deck using geometry. i thought I would put it here since no one is really posting much of anything right now. I went and did an oracle reading for myself. I'm not surprised that I connect the dots with this deck more readily than any tarot deck I've ever used before. To me, it's very intuitive. It gets into the art and study of sacred geometry.

I went and did a reading on my current situation: what happens if I stay at Eclipse and what happens if I go to Verizon?

The card representing me was the upside down cube to represent rigidity. I'm not surprised at that at all. It states simply that I have become rigid in my thinking and am retracing patterns that have been traced before... without much success. I knew that.

On the Eclipse side, it stated that things are going more or less the way I detected they are. Eclipse has the potential for me to achieve a sense of proportion and opportunity eventually. But that will only come at a compromise of what I actually desire of the design I've attempted to lay there. It also states flatly that I have come to the point where I am dealing with consequences. These consequences are the result of not having the appropriate tools or skills in place to complete the drawing/ design I wish. But, things could turn out relatively well if I am willing to compromise.

You may be asking, "Compromise what?". I'm of the mentality that it means compromising my potential, my desires, and a degree of self-fulfillment in my job. At the cost of those things, I can have a relatively harmonious outcome.

On the Verizon side, it stated that I am going back to an old pattern and retracing the same pattern I had before, which will turn out to be a dull and unsatisfying pattern. But it also stated that I will need to find a new way to go about things... this introduces to me the idea of going back to school. To that effect, the cards indicate that the pattern and drawing I'm creating will never be perfect and that I will need to depend upon others/ another to complete the drawing itself. I don't know if it refers to a tuition assistance plan, or if it refers to the help I will undoubtedly need along the way to complete this new plan. Either way, it suggests that I would need to be happy with this dependence in order to complete the plan. And it suggests I think about it in terms of whether or not I am willing to do this. That remains to be seen. I'm not sure "what" it is talking about.

Thirdly, I used a final card to ask the outcome of the current situation and a suggestion for going forwards. This last card turned out to be a reversed dodecagon. This is a 12 pointed star that is formed either of 3 perfect squares, 4 perfect equilateral triangles, or can be unicursal.

As a side note, I learned finally what a unicursal shape actually is... it's a shape that can be drawn without lifting the pen from the paper you are drawing it on... I didn't know that.

The last card was the card of complexity (reversed dodecagon). It indicates that there have developed too many complex shapes, too many angles, and too many connections in the current state. Things have not turned out well and over all, there are a lot of hidden complexities that have come to light. To sort this out, according to the oracle, a great deal of the overall plan will either need to be erased, or it might be better to start over.

Not surprised here, either. I definitely have been looking at a restart. Over all, it seems to point to Verizon. That although Eclipse could turn out well, Verizon and school has a greater deal of potential and points towards the most open doors. It also says (tetrahedron) that the path down Verizon contains the energy needed to complete the task at hand.

So I think I have my answer, after an hour of deliberation.

In short, I really like the new deck and it makes a world of sense to me, as it relates divination in a method that I truly understand... one of shape and form.
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