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This is a group for anything that has to do with the Occult. It is not a set group for one sect or system of beliefs. All are welcome here, wether you are a christian, satanist, witch, buddhists, etc.
If you have a serious interest in the occult or an idle curiousity you have a home here.

Feel free to post anything that has to do with the said subject, be it artwork, poetry, rants, rituals/spells, questions or information on the magickal community in general.

All I ask is that everyone respect the members here and their beliefs, you don't have to agree with them but you WILL NOT throw around immature comments or blast their beliefs. It is better to just remain silent then make an ass out of yourself.

With that said, I hope this group grows and I hope that people find a home here.

Note: Some members only do there entries "friends only" so you have to join to see all of them!

*Light and Dark Blessings*